Suzette Granger


   I was born in 1943 in east Algeria, in Djidjelli (Jijel), the fourth generation born on the other side of the Mediterranean.
My great-great-grandfather arrived in 1855.
Since 1955 I have been living in the Gard, a county in the south of France, where I work as a physiotherapist in a rehabilitation-centre in Nīmes.
Being passionately interested in history and genealogy, I specialised naturally in the history of Algerian families.
In the following pages, I'll try to share my research work with you, as well as my discoveries and my favorites.
For over fithteen yars now, I've been my data on computer and I have authorisations for that
from the National Council of Data Processing and Freedom. Every time I finish a list,
I enter it into the corresponding archives and especially the Overseas Archives of Aix-en-Provence.

You will find following chapters :
* Works (books) written by Suzette Granger.   click here

* Data concerning Algeria and a little of North Africa.

* Personal Genealogy click here

* Personal Information, about the associations to which I belong, my trips, my conferences here

* Pictures : photos, postcards, cards.. There are some in several places. it's up to you to find them

* Link Page : over a few months on internet, I've discovered quite a few achievements and I decided to show them to you on a special page : The link page

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This website is essentially centred on Algeria, around our ancestors.To look at the data you must have Excel 97 and Winzip

You know what you're looking for
Civil Status : * Algiers (91) click here You'll find there the data of the following villages or towns :
Dely-Ibrahim with the villages around : Cheragas, Baba Hassen, El-Achour, Guyotville
Kolea with the villages around : Fouka, Tefeschoun, Castiglione, Douaouda..
Birkadem and Birmandreis
Ste Amélie (near Douera), Douera, Menerville, Blad Guitoun...
     * Oran (92) click here
Kléber, Blad Touaria and Bouguirat
Hammam Bou Hadjar and La Ferričre (Chabat el Leham) the two villages with many people from the Gard (Nīmes'land)
Mercier-Lacombe which had a special page :click here
    * Constantine (93) click here
Djidjelli and the following villages : Taher, Chekfa, Duquesne, Strasbourg - The nearest harbour : BOUGIE it's special page : click here
Collo, El-Milia
Fedj M'Zala and its villages with a special page : click here
Les Eulmas...La Reunion...Sedrata...with it's special page : click here...Combes...Morsott...Mondovi etc..
If you know the name and try to find the wedding in Algeria,
An alphabetic table of married persons is available on tne page "Works-lists":click here

The M series of the French departmental archives click here
This series contains information about Tunisia and Morocco (passports), but in very small amounts. Warning !! This information is very succint. But the data is 49 000 different lines.

A new page is being created : THE MISSING LINK Go and take a look :click here
You'll find : "The 1848 convoys to Algeria" click. Careful, there aren't many convoys.
The Natives of Nīmes who died or get married in Algeria : click here

Last Data : People from swizerland who started near Kolea : click here

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